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Oil Filters

Oil filters can be designed as: Spin-on Filter (Metal Oil filter) which is replaced completely after its useful life; Cartridge-Filter (Metal Free) only the cartridge needs to be replaced because housing is fixed into engine.


Their objective is to prevent the premature wear and breakage of the engine components:

  • Retaining any particle or impurity suspended in the oil (as dust, abraded metal, carbon deposits, soot particles, etc.) of a diameter which is superior to the lubricating film thickness
  • Eliminating the resulting product from the combustion which goes into the oil sump
  • Cooling: absorb and transport heat from engineĀ 
  • Sealing : the rings between liner and piston, etc

Filtering Media

100% of the oil filters are manufactured with cellulose filtering media. Faithfully following the vehicle manufacturer specifications, Muller Filter uses several different types of filtering media for the manufacturing of its oil filters. Pressure drop and filter-life (dust loading capacity) are designed according to OE requirements.

How Does it Work?

The oil present in the carter is aspirated from the pump and once purified by oil filter arrives to all engine components that need lubrication. There are different types of oil filters:

  • Full-flow filters
  • By-pass filters
  • Full-flow / By-pass filters (combination)